Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Racism VS Racial Stereotyping

As we discussed in class, it can sometimes be difficult to parse out the differences between racism and racial stereotyping. Here are the Wikipedia definitions of each:
Read the Wikipedia entries, think about what we discussed in class, and as a comment below write one paragraph discussing what you think the difference is between racism and racial stereotyping.


  1. Racism and racial stereotyping is not related in any shape or form. Racism is certain characteristics of different racial groups, in which some groups believe that they are superior to other groups and express hatred towards those groups. Racial stereotyping is when assumptions are made about certain racial groups that assume that everyone in that particular group carries the same characteristics.

  2. Deair Herron

    Racism and racial stereotyping are two different things that are often confused and misinterpreted. Rasicm is hatred or dislike expressed toward the opposite ethnic group, and certain ethnic groups think they are better than the other. Racial stereotyping is when someone assumes something about an ethnic group just because they are of a different race. This doesn't neccisarily that someone hatres or dislike that ethnic group.

  3. Christine Baker

    Many people misconstrue Racial stereotyping and Racism with having the same meaning, however, they are quite different. A racial stereotype is a common misconception or conception that someone believes about other ethnic groups. While on the other hand, racism is a form of discrimination in which certain ethnic groups belittle other ethnic groups they feel are inferior to their own. All because both racism and racial stereotyping deal with the same subject, ethnicity, doesn't mean they have the same meaning.

  4. Cathy Baker

    Frequently people tend to confuse racism and racial stereotyping with one another. When, in fact, they are completely different from each other. Racism is when an ethnic group believes they are superior to another race or culture and subject them to some form of discrimination. Racial stereotyping is the assumptions one has made about an ethnic group. Racial stereotyping does not mean someone is necessarily being racist but has a characteristic one believes is common in a race.

  5. Alan Shaw Jr.

    Honestly, I do feel they coincide with each other, but at the same time they are completely different. It may sound strange but look at it like this. Racism is hatred towards a particular group. There’s racism in race, religion, culture etc. On the other hand, stereotyping is categorizing a group based on individuals of that group. Stereotypes can be found in race, religion, culture etc. You can stereotype an individual and not have hatred towards that individual. When you’re racist, you have hatred towards that group. People who practice racism feels the group they hate are all alike, which is stereotyping. You can stereotype and not be racist, but racism is stereotyping.

  6. Desmond Fernandez

    As stated, it can sometimes be difficult to parse out the differences between racism and racial stereotyping. I believe, for this to be true, that racism and racial stereotyping has some connection with each other. Racism is to have a dislike for a person or race based on bias or stereotypical beliefs. In racial stereotyping there isn’t necessarily a dislike or hate, just a bias thought about a person or race based on an assumption that all of a certain race or character acts or have the same quality.

  7. Kolby D

    I believe the reason why it is "difficult to parse out the between the two" is because one is rooted in the other. As the above blogger stated, "racism is to have a dislike" [or a hatred] for a certain individual or group based upon "bias" perceptions. Why is there dislike of an individual—simply because of the difference. This results in beliefs of segregation, discrimination or inequality of treatment for the races.

    Racial Prejudice + power= racism

    Now, if it wasn't for noticing that an individual was different, then we wouldn't have racism; hence, bringing us to racial stereotyping. If it wasn't for the noticing the size of an individual’s nose, the shape of an individual’s eyes, or texture of an individual's hair you wouldn't have that dislike spoke of in racism. Then, from noticing these traits, the assumption is formed that since one person of that race, of that color, of that culture has that trait, then everyone of that race MUST have that trait. “All white men are trying to hold the black man down.” “All black men are abusers, drug dealers, athletics and rappers.” From those assumptions, now my black daughter can’t marry a white men, because he just trying to hold another black man down. The racial stereotyping seen years ago is rooted in my “dislike” [or hatred] for a certain group.

    Racial stereotyping is rooted in racism, and is a part of the racist behavior.

  8. Myron Lawson

    I feel that racism and racial stereotyping are related but not nearly the same. I believe what sets them apart the most is that racial stereotyping is way less harmful than racism. When you stereotype a race, it could be positive or negative, and with those stereotypes most of the time it is true about the majority of the people. However, racism is the hatred toward a group of people.

  9. Shaina Craige

    Though racial stereotyping may be related to racism, it is not the same thing. Racism is defined as a "hatred or in tolerance for another race or races." One can stereotype or judge an individual due to their race, but not out of hate or dislike. Racism on the other hand does not.


    Stereotyping and racism are two completely different things. The difference between stereotyping and racism is that stereotyping is not fact. Everybody stereotypes even when they think they aren’t. Stereotyping is not just based on a person it’s a noun so it’s considered to be a person, place, or thing. Whereas racism is only based on an ethnicity group feels towards an opposite group in a negative way. Stereotyping can be seen among the same race but racism is being against another race. For example, all black boys with tattoos on their neck sell drugs (stereotype). I hate Chinese people (racism).

  11. Jude C. Mgbanwunne

    Racism can be explained as determining an individuals status based on his ethnicity, race or genetic make-up. Racism always precedes racial discrimination and injustice; which in turn leads to either the favor-of or the oppression-of the individuals in a specific race. While on the other hand, Stereotyping is an inaccurate general over view of the traits, behaviors and characteristics of a specific race, or ethnic group. Usually, Stereotypes arise due to the ego or urge in the various races and ethnic groups for wanton superiority. This ego, there-by sprouts radical and inaccurate assumptions; either to favor their own in-group or to undermine all other races. Unlike racism, Stereotyping isn't extravagantly discriminating; rather it feeds the public with an inaccurate ideology.

  12. Darius T. Brooks

    Racial stereotyping and racism are two different things, but are mistaken for each other since a specfice race is the subject. Stereotyping is an opinion of a race. Its an idea someone thinks about that race that sets a standard for a person or group to pass or to fail. A stereotype is based on a instant thought a race while racism is a "matured" thought of a race which is a bad one. Racism is a hate for another race due to thoughts that have grown over time. Racism is a display of hatred and can use stereotyping in its efforts to down someone,

  13. Generia VAughn
    I believe that racial sterotyping is just people wanting to make others laugh and make themselves feel great. Racism on the other hand is a type of hatred for another kind. For example you may make jokes about asians but at the same time you don't dislike them for any reason. Racism is like if you totally don't like that group of people.

  14. Leo Wright
    I believe that stereotyping and racism are different things but it is hard to truly separate them because in order to stereotype someone you have to use the typical racist judgements of a person. Today, I feel that stereotyping is used more for comedy and humor between interracial friends and its used as ammo for comedians to make their audiences laugh. Almost every comedian has a segment in their show when they pick on their opposite race and as a balance they pick on their own race. Racism on the other hand is a true dislike or even hatred for the other race. To sum up what I am trying to say, I will say that you can stereotype without being racist but if you're racist you have to stereotype.

  15. Racism and stereotype are not related in any type. Racism is the belief that the genetic factors which constitute race, ethnicity, or nationality, and A stereotype is a popular belief about specific social groups or types of individuals. One is more precise than another and the other one is the popular common thing about a specific race that may be true or not. One of them is a belief while the other is an assumption

  16. Scheleda Grimes

    They are many different opinions on the difference between racism and racial stereotyping. Some people feel they are the same but in reality they are different. Racism is a perceptional individual belief that their race is superior that various other races. The individual feels he/she can dictate the other race. Racism is wholly hatred intentionally to the perceived inferior race. They may have thought or action to physically hurt a person or discriminate against them over all. Stereotyping is conception or an assumption of an individual. It is not validated to be true. It is a belief that is enticed through pop culture for example television, music, magazines, etc. It does not target only race it targets, social classes, age groups, sex, etc. A stereotype is not intended to hurt an individual physically or emotionally.

  17. Joshua Smith

    Though similar, there is a slight difference between racial stereotypes and recism. Racial sterotyiping is a preconcieved idea about a certain race. On the other hand, racism is a hatred against another race. With racial sterotyping, stereotypes can be made but their is no hatred towards the other race.

  18. Shekaydra Green

    Althogh they are similar, racial stereotyping and racism are two totally different concepts. With racial sterotyping a person draws conclusions about another individual's behavior, personality, and social status based on their race. On the other hand, a racist person has a strong dislike for a particular race and believes that they are superior to members of that race.

  19. Lawrence Christy

    I believe racism and stereotyping are similar up to a certain point. When dealing with racism there is hatred towards another race, gender, or group of people different from that racist person. There is more passion behind racism whereas stereotyping can be very emotion less. Stereotypes can be categorized as opinions towards a certain group of people that may not necessarily affect the way a person feels about that group.

  20. Andrea Trahan

    Racism and stereotyping are two adversary terms. Racism is more of a hatred lifestyle that some people live, having hate for people who are "unfit" for society. Stereotyping is more of a result of racism, in my opinion. For example, during the Holocaust, over 6 million Jews were killed all because of racism. But the Jews were recognized as "big-nosed" or they had to wear a gold star, making it easy for the Germans to spot a Jew.

  21. Larrimi Williams

    Racism and stereotyping should not be confused with one another. Racism is a belief that one's outside appearance constitute race, ethnicity, or nationality and determines one's human traits or ability. However, stereotypes are generalizations, or assumptions that people make about a person's image or what the members of a particular group of people are like.

  22. Dray Joseph

    Racism and stereotyping is two different aspects. Stereotyping doesnt always have to be a form of racism. Although people have their own views of stereotyping, it can be a degree of racism. For example, every stereotype deal with a certain race and how they enteract with the society.

  23. Racial Stereotyping and racism are similar but are different things. They both deal with race but with racial stereotying, there are positive stereotypes that do not seem offensive. With racism, on the other hand, its all based on a hatred for another race. People who are racist can not stand anybody of the race they hate, but people who stereotype have nothing against somebody of another race.

  24. Joshua Smith
    Racial Stereotyping and racism are similar but are different things. They both deal with race but with racial stereotying, there are positive stereotypes that do not seem offensive. With racism, on the other hand, its all based on a hatred for another race. People who are racist can not stand anybody of the race they hate, but people who stereotype have nothing against somebody of another race.

  25. Uduak Ekpe

    Stereotyping is not racism, although sometimes it can cross the line.
    Stereotyping is a mental shortcut for quickly assessing people, situations or opinions.Every population is naturally diverse, and any stereotype, whether bad or good, will not accurately describe its members.
    Racism makes over-generalizations, usually negative, about an entire population based on physical or genealogical traits. It is not based on our own experiences, but on a propagated mythology. It usually involves dehumanizing the 'other', and in part, is a force to maintain solidarity within the racist group and power over the 'other' group.

  26. Lee Mitchell

    The difference between racism and stereotyping is simple. A racist looks at a person’s attributes that categorizes him into a certain race and judges that person of a belief. A stereotype categorizes people the same way, just most of the time without a negative connotation that one race is better than the other. Racism is based off hate and superiority. A stereotype is just a popular belief.